It’s fresh on our minds now, but in a year, when the nba trade deadline comes back around, we will all remember the Cleveland trade of 2018. We will remember where we were when we found out. We will remember how we felt. Most of all we will remember what happen afterwards. For those unfamiliar with professional basketball and what happened on the day of the trade deadline in 2018, I’ll fill you in.


Things were going awful in for the Cleveland Cavaliers, which is one of the teams in the National Basketball Association. The reason everyone cared is because the greatest player in the NBA was on this team and they were losing. They had no cohesiveness on the court. They looked sluggish. They looked like they didn’t want to play together. This surprised us all because just the year before they were the Eastern Conference Champions and played in the World Champion game.


Over the course of the first half the season the team had its ups and downs and some kind of way manages to stay in the 3rd place in the conference. This means they would go to the playoffs, but with how they were playing, they probably wouldn’t make it out the first round. Now, I encourage you to do more research on the back story of this team, because there were some other factors that played into their slow downfall, but I didn’t want to devote this whole blog to explaining just how bad thing had gotten.


Fast forward to the day of the deadline. I remember telling my husband that Cleveland needed to blow their team up and start over. The personnel on this team was not getting the job done and it was becoming sad to watch them play. However, I didn’t think they would take my advice until the off season. So I’m at my laptop and one of my good friends text me and says “Isiah Thomas to the Lakers? How do you feel about that?” Honestly, I didn’t know about that. Immediately, I dropped what I was doing and opened my ESPN app and there it was Cleveland damn near cleared the roster and got all new players.


This was the hot topic for a few days and then it became a hotter topic because the team begin to play better. They looked great playing! It was hopeful, it left smiles on our faces. I’m not even a Cleveland fan, but it felt good to see them get rid of the players holding them back. Which leads me to this thought….we all have to do a  “Cleveland Trade” every now and then.


Cleveland had to take drastic measures to clean house and save their season. Sometimes, we have to clean house to save our lives. If you aren’t winning in your current situation….”Cleveland Trade”. Get rid of those “friends” that mean you no good.  The “Cleveland Trade” doesn’t have to mean getting rid of people, but it could be environment, finances, jobs, and so much more.


I thought Cleveland was going to let their season end before they made moves, but they did so immediately. This also says something. Don’t wait until it “over” to finally make changes. Save your life and do a “Cleveland Trade” now! Cleanse yourself of whatever it is holding you back from winning.


Hats off to the Cleveland Cavs. I can’t predict if they will win the Championship, but they sure won my respect.

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