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I’m going to start by saying Marvel Infinity war left me shooketh. I would also note that I AM NOT a marvel fan, however my husband is. I went into this totally forgetting about the times I set through Captain America, Thor, Spiderman, Ironman (all of them), Dr. Strange, Civil War, Guardian of the Galaxy, and of course Black Panther. I knew the history, or at least most of it. What I didn’t know, he was able to give me a quick 5 minute run down of what I was missing upon walking in.


We purchased early fan experience tickets. I’ve never paid $50 for some movie tickets but apparently it was important to him so it was important to me. He bought our tickets as soon as they went on sale and counted down the days and hours all the way until it was time to watch the movie.


We went to one of my favorite theatres in my area. It’s a dinner and movie kind of place. My husband made sure we arrived early so that we could place our order before the opening scene. We already heard that the action started immediately and didn’t want a waiter blocking our view.


Now, this is no spoiler type of blog. I encourage you to see the movie your self. Below are three things I wish someone told me upon seeing this movie. I probably would have been better prepared for how the rest of the night unfolded.


Watch this movie with other fans.


I had the chance to attend the fan experience which was awesome. The fans came in movies with their marvel shirts, costumes, and one guy even had Thanos’ glove. The crowd cheered together, gasp together, and laughed together. It was a great experience to be around people who were just as into the movie as I was. I can compare this experience to the movie experience I had just two days later when we went to see it again. We went to my other favorite movie theatre which is very… boujee. There’s valet parking there. That alone let’s you know the type of people that attend this movie theatre. These people here were so dull. Boring. They just weren’t feeling it, but clearly enjoyed the movie. They just showed little emotion. So, yeah, go with people who are true Marvel fans.


Bring Tissue!


I had no clue of the emotional roller coaster that Marvel was about to take me on.  I left the movie speechless. The whole theatre was speechless. Everyone was left slow blinking for a full five minutes. I looked at the guy next to me and we just stared at each other for about 5 seconds trying to figure out what we just watched. Then we quickly reached for our phones to find out when part 2 was coming out.


It will leave you reflecting on life


The marvel movies I saw was merely entertainment. I didn’t have any real take-a-ways from any of them. Actually, black panther spoke to my entire soul so I take that back. Other than black panther, I didn’t feel anything. BUT THIS MOVIE HERE! I left thinking about my whole life and just how far I would be willing to go to push my own agenda. Left me wanting to make sure I call my family everyday just to say “I Love You”.  It really had me sitting, staring out the window, reflecting. Yes…reflecting.


YOU WILL ENJOY THIS MOVIE. Its non stop action and I’ll probably see it one more time before it’s no longer in the movie theatre.  Drop a comment below and let me know your thoughts on the movie.

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