Burger for Head????? Yes he tried it!

My oral sex story…. (insert face palm) For the longest I thought this story was hilarious. It wasn’t until recently that I really understood just how serious it was. Subconsciously, I believe I knew what happen wasn’t good. I can even remember my heart racing and adrenaline pumping when it was happening. Yet I used […]

I love wearing wigs but I might stop in two weeks

I literally looked in the mirror the other day and couldn’t recognize myself. I had on one of the wigs I made and it was laid. Picture it, deep wave 360 frontal wig. All the baby hairs were in place and you could look at it and say… “what wig?” I was cute and everything, […]

Design a Typography Logo

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bnez_zSvWa8[/embedyt] This tutorial will show you how to design a simple typography logo. Make sure you get your tool kit which includes a copy of Photoshop CS6 tutorial as well as other tool you will need to complete this tutorial. Tool Kit – Download your tool kit

Yes I’m Black, Yes I Love Jesus, No I’m not Brainwashed

Apparently, I’m brainwashed. Apparently, everything I’ve been taught spiritually about Jesus is a lie. Its nothing more than the white man’s attempt to control me and I better “wake up” and embrace the same practices of my ancestors. Those practices would mean I begin worshiping several other gods or look to my dead ancestors for […]