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Apparently, I’m brainwashed. Apparently, everything I’ve been taught spiritually about Jesus is a lie. Its nothing more than the white man’s attempt to control me and I better “wake up” and embrace the same practices of my ancestors. Those practices would mean I begin worshiping several other gods or look to my dead ancestors for guidance through life. Pass, pass, pass. I’m not bashing the fact that people choose to believe something other than what I believe in. I wish the “woke” crowd felt the same way about me.


I’ve had countless conversations regarding people challenging my beliefs. Of course they’d attack my beliefs in Jesus and the fact that there is even a God. Most believe in a higher power, but not to the extent of the Bible’s description. Nonetheless, I’m okay with people believing what they believe. Our beliefs are shaped by our life’s experiences. My life is filled with way too many miracles and close calls for me not to believe God is real. I do my best to live by the inspired word of God and I can honestly say that I live a very happy life.


I’m not the type to force my beliefs on anyone. I simply lead by example. My life is on full display and I don’t hide my Jesus badge. I’m a generous giver, I volunteer when I can, I pray every morning, I tithe, I study my bible, and I use my talents to be a fisherman of men. I’m not unhappy, I’m not confused, I’m not worried about anything, and my heart isn’t heavy. I have true peace. Things are going good for me and it didn’t start until I gave my life to Christ.


For so long tradition and judgement tainted the Christianity religion. If I’m being honest here, it still does. Many of my peers felt it necessary to leave the black church because of the constant message of damnation and undertones of greed.  I believe being truly woke means you can see through man’s attempt of manipulation through religion, money, and politics and seek your own understanding.


Times have definitely changed. The message perpetuated these days is all about self. Self love, put yourself before others, you are number one, do what makes you happy. I personally, live by the message of self sacrifice. The well being of the next man is important to me. I want to see everyone happy, not just myself. If I have a dollar and you need it, it’s yours. I’d prefer to live a selfless life, than a selfish life. And right there is where the challenges on my faith lies.


Christianity requires you to give up the pleasures you think make you happy. You know, sex before marriage. Giving ten percent of your earnings. Submitting to authority or your spouse’s. These things remove you from being number 1. You can’t be self centered and be a Christian. For many people it’s hard to accept a practice where you have to give up pleasure, money and time to help others. I get it, it’s not easy. I don’t want to do it sometimes. But the feeling I get afterwards is so much more rewarding.

I know it’s the resurgence of the black culture and I’m here for all that, but I’m not giving up my faith. Understanding our ancestors religious practices don’t make them the right choice. It enlightens us to what they use to do, but it doesn’t make it right. I know ditching Christian is being used as more of a revolt against “the man”. However, I have my own relationship with Christ and I couldn’t be happier. I can assure you there is nothing wrong with me. I understand everything going on in our society. And I still choose Christ.

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