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Here’s my reality. When I was in middle school my parents would tell me, “don’t go out here acting crazy”. When I was in high school they’d tell me, “Don’t embarrass me”.  When I left for college they said “Respect the family name”. When I stepped into the world as an adult they’d said “Everyone is watching, make good decisions because the bad ones stick with you forever.” Throughout my life I have always thought twice about everything I’ve done. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always been a force to reckon with. Most decisions I made I had my parents words echoing in my mind. I can admit that even after “carefully” plotting my moves throughout life I haven’t always made the right decisions. Nevertheless, all decisions were made with my family’s reputation in mind. One main rule I’ve always had for myself was to never twerk in public or on camera. What my parents instilled in me is that I’m not like everyone else, so don’t act like it. If I was going to rise to the top, I couldn’t do what was going on at the bottom.


The women in my circle are the same way. They are business owners, they’re moms, leaders in corporate america, they’re doctors, lawyers, and education administrators. All my friends are held in high regards in the community. We never had to sit down and have a conversation about how important it is that we keep up a clean image in the public eye. Does that mean no twerking at all? Hell no! It means be strategic about it. And oh, we are.


We twerk at home, in our mirrors, or in front of our husbands or close family members and maybe even in our cars on the way to the office. We get together before clubbing and have twerk offs at the hotel while “pregamming”. We gather together and book twerk classes so we can learn new techniques for a hour or so. We live it up while bouncing like the best of them. Left, right, fast, slow, dropping and splitting, we can do it all! But the catch is the public will never see it. It’s that one thing about our lives we keep hidden and never even speak of outside our circle.


Twerking is one of those thing in our minds that if done in public, it will snatch away the respect we have all worked so hard to gain. It will taint our positions in life and none of us are willing to put everything we have fought for on the line. It’s fun to do, but not worth our respect.


So here’s to the women that twerk undercover. I tilt my hat to you. I totally get it. We can’t look crazy, we can’t embarrass our families, we can’t jeopardize our livelihoods. This mix is for you. Play it in your cars on the way to work. Play it during your pregame. Play it while you clean your house. We aren’t like everyone else, that’s why we stand out.





Mix By: DJ DOIT Hewitt
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