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By DFitz the Designer’s own admission, its hard to pinpoint the exact moment her love for art and photography overtook her. It could have been during the many years her father annually bought her a new camera to capture the family moments. It may have been her mother’s insistence on her attending art summer camps as oppose to the normal fun camps. One thing’s for sure and cannot be denied, DFitz the Designer’s passion for capturing angles and designing shapes is impeccable.


Growing up as a “navy brat”, DJuana Lewis quickly learn how to adapt in many different environments. She found comfort in sports and always used her love for digital arts as a hobby. DFitz used her talent in track and field to earn a scholarship to Alabama State University where she studied computer science. It was during her elective courses in art and graphic/web design that she began to appreciate her God given talent.


After college, DFitz moved to Charlotte, NC where she decided it was a perfect time to pursue her love for digital arts and skill for website coding. Thus she began Yesmam.net, offering web and graphic design services. After three years as an established company, DFitz begin to offer photography as a service as well. It was after this move her company really begin to flourish. Up to that point, photography was just a hobby and something she did for just her family and friends.


Four years later DFitz the Designer has made a strong name for herself as a businesswoman, a published photographer, and a digital artist. Using her motto “Capturing Images  through God’s eye”, she continues to thrive and enjoy the success she has had in her industry thus far.



DFitz The Designer Photography Studio
916 Tuckaseegee Rd
Charlotte, NC 28208

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