Dear Guy That Cares too much about How I Wear My Hair…

Why have guys become so vocal on how a woman, particularly a black woman, wears her hair. It’s one of those things that really don’t require their unsolicited opinion. One would think we have come so far, only to read or hear “those guy”‘s comments and learn, no matter what we do, they’ll never be happy with “us”. If it’s not our attitude, it’s our body shape. If it’s not our body shape, its our hair. All of which everyone loves to copy.

The 3 C’s that will make your business successful

I see them come and I see them go. It’s pure excitement during the consultation call. I get to hear all the things their going to do. I get to hear all the things they’ve started doing. I get to hear about “the grind” behind getting things started. It’s definitely good to hear the excitement […]

4 Things We Need to Learn from Kawhi if You Want to Win At Life

I’m going to attempt to write this blog as if you have never ever heard of Kawhi Leonard. He is a American professional basketball player. He began his professional career in San Antonio playing for the Spurs. This team is known for conforming players to fit into a system. There is no room for “show-boating” […]

Never Cared About Girlfriends

Call me a savage, but in my dating days, I could care less if he said he had a girlfriend. The words that scared me off was “wife” and “broke”.  To me and the government, if you only have a girlfriend, then that means you are single. Shelton (my now husband) had a girlfriend when […]

Burger for Head????? Yes he tried it!

My oral sex story…. (insert face palm) For the longest I thought this story was hilarious. It wasn’t until recently that I really understood just how serious it was. Subconsciously, I believe I knew what happen wasn’t good. I can even remember my heart racing and adrenaline pumping when it was happening. Yet I used […]

I love wearing wigs but I might stop in two weeks

I literally looked in the mirror the other day and couldn’t recognize myself. I had on one of the wigs I made and it was laid. Picture it, deep wave 360 frontal wig. All the baby hairs were in place and you could look at it and say… “what wig?” I was cute and everything, […]