These websites are built to help you succeed. They come complete with eCommerce implementation, appointment booking system, social media integration, blogging feeds, and more.

Why I Care About Your Brand…

Standing out in your field of expertise can be an overwhelming task. For over 10 years, I, DFitz the Designer have devoted my whole career into “making you stand out” a science. There is no one line answer for “how do I make them choose me?”. Truth is, it is a process, it requires devotion and it requires consistency. With hard work, I have become the go to person for creating powerful and affordable branding campaigns for small businesses wishing to separate themselves from the pack. As a small business owner myself, I understand the process one must endure to take their company’s image to the next level. With a undying willingness to think outside the box and an obsession to detail, I continue to lead my clients to the next level. From website design, to photography, to design image consulting, I cover the full development of my client’s company’s brand. I have effectively developed plans that help my clients not only develop a trusting brand but also open up several revenue sources. I can and will do that for you. By working with me, DFitz the Designer, I will help your company become the go-to in your industry. Allow me to put you in a light where your clients and potential clients recognize your work and know that it’s the best.

I’m ready to build my brand from the ground up. I’d like to know the steps to get started and the packages you offer. Let’s get started. 

I need to schedule a shoot in one of the following cities, Charlotte, NC, Miami, FL, or Atlanta, GA. Let’s get started. 
I need a website, flyer, poster, cover, business card , or something similar designed. Let’s get started. 
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