Lesson 5 - Let's Customize


So far we have……

We are now going to customize everything and get this website ready for your audience.

Step 1 – Setting up The Pages

By now you should have all the template pages loaded. Now we will officially be setting up the pages and next we will be editing them. Follow along with the video below. 

Special Notes:

The above video only covers the home page. You can use this same process to set up the rest of the pages. The only thing you do not have to do with the rest of the pages is the “setting the homepage” step we did at the end. That part is only for the homepage. 

Step 2 – Finish Setting Up the Menu

In Lesson Four we went over setting up the navigation menu. Now we are going to complete the setup since all the pages are done.

Step 3 – Header and Footer

Now you are going to want to setup your website colors and fonts to match the mock up you customized. See the video below on how to set the colors and fonts settings for your website.2

Step 4 – Customizing Plugins

I will not be going over the setup of every plugin. All the plugins I selected for this website come with setup instructions and documentation. In addition, most of them come with a setup wizard that will walk you through the initial setup. First, however, I want to highlight some things regarding integrating the plugin features into the website. 

  1. The booking plugin called “Simply Schedule Appointments”  gives you a shortcode output. You can place that shortcode anywhere in the website that you want your booking calendar to appear. Elementor also has a booking element for  See screenshots.

2. Woocommerce comes with a setup wizard. Complete this setup wizard. You will need to make sure the additional following features are setup:

  • Woocomerce Shipping
  • Woocomerece Payments
  • Woocomerce Email Notifications
  • Woocomerce Page Settings

See screenshots



Email Notification

Page Settings

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