Lesson 7- Forms and Testing

Step 1 – Setting Up a Form

There may be times when you will need to add a form throughout your website. In this template, the form was used on the contact page. The video below will be covering the contact page, but you can use this information to place a form wherever you want to on the website.

Let’s Finalize

NEVER EVER post your new website online unless you have tested every part of it first. Trust me, it is embarrassing when someone points out a typo or tells you that they were unable to complete the payment. Go through your website as if you are a visitor. If you are comfortable, send the website to a friend or two and get their feedback on the user experience. Assess what they tell you and make the necessary changes to the website. Once you complete your website, fill out the form below so I can check it out and feature it on my email list.


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