Lesson 3 - Design Phase

Customizing the Layout

Please read: In the video above, I suggested that you have to have Photoshop in order for this to work. I still highly recommend you have Photoshop, however you can download a software called GIMP that is comparable to Photoshop and it is free. I do recommend you have photoshop, however, if you do not you can download GIMP and still follow along.


Step 1 – Fonts

You should see in your toolkit a font folder. Make sure the fonts in this folder are already loaded to your computer. If you are unfamiliar with how to load new fonts check out my free resources page and download “1000+ Fonts”. The pdf file will give instructions on how to upload fonts to a Mac and PC. 

Step 2 – Open Design File

Open your chosen design software (Photoshop or Gimp).  In your toolkit folder, you will see a file called “mywebsitelayout.psd”. Open this file. 

Step 3 – Customization

Step 4 – Exporting Layers

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