The End

Special Thank You

Thank you so much for allowing me to walk you through this process. Website building is not easy and you got through it like a pro! You ROCK! My prayer is that your website helps you grow your business. Please remember you have to work on the website for it to work for you. So many times, my clients have a website built and leave it alone to collect dust. Here are some ways to keep your website working for you.

  1. Drive traffic to your website by posting.
    1. Post your website in comments that you make on social media
    2. Include your website in your profile bio areas on social media
    3. Get creative and use VCards
    4. Make sure you don’t put too much information on social media. Give people just a little taste and make sure they have to come to your website for the rest.
    5. Don’t use too many third-party websites for things your website can. 
    6. Put your website link in your email signature. 
    7. Put your website link in your text message signature.
  2. Keep your website up-to-date. If you need help with website maintenance, we can help!
  3. Make sure you take SEO seriously. Your SEO means search engine optimization and helps take the load off you by promoting the website.

Make sure you email me if you have any questions! Thank you again.

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