Brown vs Taylor – Her Brilliant Alternative Motive

Watching the Antonio Brown saga unfold has been somewhat entertaining. While some of us have been quietly watching, others have been very vocal and have surmised … “that nigga crazy”. Maybe so. Maybe he is crazy. Maybe he is a genius in a diabolical way. Or maybe, just maybe he’s in trouble and his current […]

Knowing When To Bow Out : What We Should Learn From Eli Manning

One of the hardest things for people to do is let go. It’s so very common to remember what was and confuse it for what is and what could be again. Remember that friend that got into a relationship with that special someone. Remember it was a world wind romance. Remember how happy they were. […]

Dear Guy That Cares too much about How I Wear My Hair…

Why have guys become so vocal on how a woman, particularly a black woman, wears her hair. It’s one of those things that really don’t require their unsolicited opinion. One would think we have come so far, only to read or hear “those guy”‘s comments and learn, no matter what we do, they’ll never be happy with “us”. If it’s not our attitude, it’s our body shape. If it’s not our body shape, its our hair. All of which everyone loves to copy.

The 3 C’s that will make your business successful

I see them come and I see them go. It’s pure excitement during the consultation call. I get to hear all the things their going to do. I get to hear all the things they’ve started doing. I get to hear about “the grind” behind getting things started. It’s definitely good to hear the excitement […]

4 Things We Need to Learn from Kawhi if You Want to Win At Life

I’m going to attempt to write this blog as if you have never ever heard of Kawhi Leonard. He is a American professional basketball player. He began his professional career in San Antonio playing for the Spurs. This team is known for conforming players to fit into a system. There is no room for “show-boating” […]